research & collection services (Private) Ltd – rcs

Research and Collection Services specializes in providing comprehensive data collection, in the fields of banking, financial services, security management, due diligence, telecommunications and information technology. This is made possible by our expertise, countrywide network and local connections built up over the last 20 years. These activities require very thorough fieldwork and detailed research in various aspects of the problems and tasks. Studies are made relating to corporate credit verification and credibility of data provided by firms to our clients. Very exhaustive and accurate reports are provided to clients, enabling them to assess the feasibility of establishing business relationships of various types.

RCS has undertaken surveys for various government departments, banks and financial institutions and individual private clients, including Government of Baluchistan, Pakistan Television Network (PTV) and USAID.

Security Consultancy, Investigation And Risk Management Services

Security threats to business are varied and are constantly changing. Effective management of risk has become a boardroom issue and it is essential to have a business partner having the expertise and resources to minimize these threats and let companies focus on the smooth running of their operations. Our specialist Security Consultancy Investigation and Risk Management Services include risk analysis, assessments and surveys, corporate screening, employee screening, supply chain management, compliance audits, investigations, consultancy, security audits, security project management, and business continuity planning.